Service Tips

Keep your equipment performing at its highest level with quality John Deere parts and a variety of services provided by our highly specialized staff. Check out the videos below for a few tips and tricks from the experts.

Fuel Filter Maintenance

Make sure you mower's engine gets a steady supply of clean fuel. Here are the steps to installing a new fuel filter.

John Deere Plus 50 II engine oil

John Deere oil features

What are some safety tips to know when working on a tractor 

  • Read, understand, and follow the instructions in the manufactures's maintenance manual. Replacement of oil, filters and fluids.
  • Disengage power, lower hydraulics and stop engine before doing any maintenance.
  • Remove ignition key.
  • Disconnect batteries before doing any electrical work.
  • Support equipment on blocks or stands. Do not rely on hydraulic hoists or cylinders. They are designed for lifting only and can fail without warning.
  • Provide ventilation when running engine indoors. Engine exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide--a colorless , odorless and deadly gas
  • Follow manufacturers' guidelines for maintenance and repairs. Keep a log of all service and maintenance.
  • Replace damaged or missing safely guards or shields.
  • Keep hands, feet and clothing away from moving parts.
  • Adjust right and left brakes so they are equal on rear wheels.
  • Check steering and control mechanisms, warning devices, lights and all cab functions.
  • Keep work area clean and well lit.
  • Clean up spilled oil, grease or hydraulic fluid immediately.
  • Remove all tools and parts before starting engine.
  • Do not start engine, engage power or raise or lower an implement without warning other people in the area.